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Zealot Frenzy General Discussion / Re: Egon nerf
« on: October 27, 2012, 09:38:59 AM »
For one thing. Incinerate cant ban you guys. But can suggest to us. Second. How old are you dude? Have you guys all ignored my post with the warnings? Thirdly, wookie was in the community since ZF began. Unless he actually did something extremely terrible. We will just tell him to stop. This goes for everyone.

Zealot Frenzy General Discussion / Re: Hero Polls /Tech Polls
« on: October 20, 2012, 02:06:11 PM »
interesting. I completely forgot about farseer. Farseer's level 3 earthquake can REALLy be a life saver if you use it correctly and position farseer to a point where it's hard to be killed. I completely agree with your 3 most balanced. Monta Golem combo. The only really big counter i can think of is farseer. But in circumstances where you dont have it. Look for monta in his cloak. Either stun him, or any type of CC. If you got no one you can use gravity bomb just to stop him from nuking. But monta and golem is farby, a Very good combo to use. Did they nerf lots? i havent played for a while. Tier 3 i am pretty sure archons walks really fast. Unless you got army slow i find it more harder than usual to kite them. Not sayying you cant, but it would be a challenge. Especially when you got a swarm of archons charging at your base trolololol tier 4 yeah ultras are the weakest imo. But incin. I agree with forest about tier 5. There is an extremely rare  chance where you will actually want to invest into Tier 5 whereby you can just get artifact. You can get artifact to just win the game by charging their base after. But if you were army limited. An artifact normally hauls me in 20k minerals. You can do A LOT with 20k ahhahaa. But you should change something about brutes. I am not sure how they stand up against tanks and colossus. I rarely have the chance to actually see all tier 5 out there having a battle

Zealot Frenzy General Discussion / Re: Hero Polls /Tech Polls
« on: October 19, 2012, 10:16:48 PM »
NOTE this is ONLY in MY opinion.

3 overpowered
nitro serebii egon
3 underpowered
TA is not as efficient as other heroes in late game  monta unless your with a golem. Its hard to actually use it well if your against very experienced player who can see through cloak
lastly, i think is queen, Like i said, late game wise, other heroes are much better choice in my opinion, if someone has something to differ, i am willing to learn
3fun hero
i simply love tassadar. When i am in a pub game, i love item whoring it just to see it kill zealots in a whisp. But it's only for fun. Then i like mass queen. You heard me, mass queen, there was one game i bought about 18 queens and i made an army of spines but never do this in a real game. Lol, only for fun. Thirdly, i like using TA a lot. It's not good for late games, but normally when i random it i get very happy since it is a fun hero to item whore. But still working on controlling maim. Have gotten better

Techs. The tech i always prefer is human. Because i use it too much
I really do not have a *best* tier i only have the best of each tier imo

Best tier 1 for me is Zealots. If your in a inhouse or tourny, putting your zealots in front as a tank with marauders as a back up or simply any range is well done. But obviously, not that useful in late games when all the tier 4 +5 come in
Best Tier 2 for me is marauders. I hate roaches with a passion. Not that their weak, just dont like them. For one thing their ability to burrow, when they move you can see the shadows -_- stalkers are nice, but i like marauders for their stimpack
Best tier 3 for me is hydras. High attack, low defense, my style of fighting. Archons are good for tanking, their like the upgraded version of the prisoner ones meant for tanking but have splash dmg which is nice. Hellions.. how should i judge them? good for surrounding heroes. But i dont think they can outcome hydras. Who knows, i think i am gonna try it out. Since hellion surround is pretty nice
Best Tier 4 is definitely immortals or thor. This depends on which of the two techs i picked in the first place. Ultralisk are like the third version of tanking. Along with splash, but they have a huge upgrade in defense from hydras to it. Which is also considerablely nice.
Best Tier 5 Would be siege tanks for me. I personally think colossus should be better since i love them A LOT better. But i get much better results from using siege tanks :P brutalisk... EXTREME high attack. EXTREME high defense. But walks so slow and so big and so hard to stack and attacks very slow. But i guess with the combo of speed scroll+invis + hero buffs it can be very rewarding as well. But personally i like to get artifact than getting brutals. Just a personal thing.

But those are my favorite. Anyone got theirs to share?

Zealot Frenzy Ranking / Warning to All users.
« on: October 19, 2012, 07:04:12 PM »
As a part of the moderator, i see a lot of *flaming* that is being put on one another on this forums. I am not putting down any names, you guys know what you posted and that's all we needs. Right now i am making an extreme warning. From now on, deliberately telling someone their bad or any sort of other things will be put on a strike system. Strike 3, There is a high possible chance i will ban you from the website. Also kick you out from our future tournaments and inhouses. Guys seriously, I got Incinerate to put our website back onto the zealot frenzy page and this is the type of posts we have that is supposingly have to do with zealot frenzy. Come on guys, it's a game, A game is something that lets you have fun, if you dont have fun during a game then dont even play it. Because why bother? if it you makes you all unhappy. Like the posts i see, are constant arguements of who are the most "hated"   who likes to hate. There are a plenty of immature people here. Can we make a impression to Incinerate and the new members that this community is safe to be in? Do you guys have any idea what happened to the previous zealot frenzy website? It was brought down because of posts that you guys putted in, some of you may have been there, but the old website turned into a feast of flaming. There are absolutely no post that actually have to do with zealot frenzy. I am sure that is the core reason incinerate left that website and moved on. Now i got him back, and this is what he sees? This can make him abandon it again. Tbh if it was me i would definitely. But seriously guys. Come on.... This is Zealot Frenzy. Not Flame Frenzy. Can we all be real adults (or young adults) and go with it? I dont expect you guys to like each other. But bring your bullshit alone between you two, not on our website. Lastly, In the future i dont want see any *top players in ZF*    *most hated people in zf*      these type of forums. No one is perfect at this game. There is only the experienced, and the not as much experienced. People can learn from the more experienced people. I am highly against "best player". This is not the NGA. This is a helping forums for those who are not experienced and to share theirs. I hope after my long essay those who were flaming could act a little more mature. Please be more considerate. 

Zealot Frenzy Tournament / Zealot Frenzy Tournament Checklist
« on: October 16, 2012, 10:52:55 PM »
Hello everyone that have joined the community. We are a newly formed community speciallized for Zealot Frenzy. I am entrusted by the site maker as one of the admins. Nice to meet you all. I am Julian. The main reason for this post is to getting a weekly tournament up and running. So. Right now. I would like ALL those who WANTS to participate in the "inhouse" meaning, a zealot frenzy game of where only the members of this website is alouded to join. I want all those people to post your email. Tell me what time a week you are free as i will start to arrange the times. Note this is just a *fact* for me to know on do we even have enough people in this new community for an inhouse, nor the timelines are right for everyone. So if you want to join, dont be shy, as long as your a part of this website, your aloud to join. Please leave your email and times thank you :)

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